It’s my bday and I’m reflecting… I planned to write 10 but I don’t know how I got 37 lessons I learned 👀

Anna Gandrabura
2 min readMay 27, 2023
  1. It’s ok to start from scratch regardless of your age. It’s never too early or too late. The best time is always now.
  2. Good sleep and rest should be on your priority list.
  3. Take care of your body, soul, and mind equally well.
  4. You are what you consume all things wise. Choose your food, content, people, emotions wisely.
  5. You can’t know everything but you can be curious about everything. Be a lifelong learner.
  6. Be kind to yourself and everyone around.
  7. Therapy is just another way of self development. Consider it as a personal growth opportunity.
  8. 8. Don’t dwell on ideas to long. Execute fast 💨, iterate, change, do again, repeat 🔂
  9. Build your network. Your network will uplift you or bring you down. Find your tribe.
  10. Don’t copy, don’t go after your competition. Instead, build partnerships. The world is abundant. There is enough of everything for everyone. The scarcity is only in your head.
  11. Love yourself. Value yourself first before you demand it from other people. It is continuing work.
  12. Hard work pays off. Be patient and do your thing.
  13. It’s ok to be sad, frustrated, etc. It’s ok to feel all spectrum of emotions. It’s not ok to beat yourself for feeling them.
  14. EQ > IQ 🤓 Intuition > Logic
  15. Embrace change faster.
  16. Pivot or die.
  17. Don’t knock ✊ on the locked door for too long. It’s probably not your door. Embrace it and move on.
  18. Give before you ask to receive.
  19. It’s ok to part with people who you considered friends. We all change over time. It’s ok to take different paths.
  20. Take time off as often as you need it.
  21. 2Smile more, frown less 😊
  22. Take daily walks at sunset.
  23. Wake up with sunrise.
  24. Challenge yourself to build new skills. Be consistent.
  25. Read different genres. Business books are great and needed but poems, tales, novels have so much to offer that we tend to forget being taken by the daily grind.
  26. Notice small things that make you happy. These things are the best things.
  27. Enjoy nature without a phone.
  28. It’s ok not to have an answer, not to know what to do. It’s not ok not to want to find that out.
  29. Cook more, eat out less.
  30. You can do anything you set your mind to. The only things that can stop you is fears. Fight them.
  31. Fewer crowded happy hours, more intimate mindful gatherings.
  32. Quality before quantity.
  33. Always have a hobby.
  34. Be grateful for small, basic things before anything else.
  35. It’s ok to be imperfect. Sometimes lol
  36. Age is just a number even if you start having an earache lol iykyk
  37. ALWAYS BE YOU ❤️

Excited for what the new year will bring me! 🎁



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